About Us

Lead Solution Management Sdn.Bhd. was established in 2005. In the year 2020, we decided to rebrand our company and ACTS was formed. We have a systematic operating system in our organization. Our organization started with only 5 members; but today, we have more than 25 members and the number is still growing.  It shows that our organization is expanding day by day. Our organization goal, Million Dollar Agency, is always achieved with the team. Together, we believe, we have an ability to learn, translate that learning to act rapidly, and achieve our career in this field.


We are the financial industry leader in recruiting, retaining and providing comprehensive financial solution.


We provide training to achieve extraordinary customer’s experiences.



Recruit, retain, financial


Expand Your Mind | Change Your World

Value and Philosophy

  • We have a complete training system and material. From approaching our value customer, providing product knowledge and selling skill to policy analysis. This will help our sales agent increase their confident also their knowledge to service our client.
  • We are actively in promoting our principle of honesty and moral value in all policy agreement. We strongly believed this principle will help us in future development and widely praise by people.
  • We believe firmly every Monday to Friday 9am morning training can groom and cultivate our agents arrange their daily activity. Planning early is the key to success.
  • We are actively participating training and activity that was conducted by company. These training and activity able to assist agents to understand company tactics in order to improve inner quality and value thereby can be more successful in insurance industry.
  • We absolute certainty believes one principle ‘Mutual respect, forgiveness and support’.  Agents can sense all of us are a family. Other than that, the unity organization culture which provided a high fighting spirits and loyalty environment.
  • High productivity and good quality services are energetically promoted, in order to get profit. Besides, passionately participate in community charities. Concept of ‘What is taken from the community is to be used for the good of the community.’
  • Our commitment to honour ‘the reputation of organization and corporation’ are following with code of ethic in all our sales. This can improve and maintain organization and corporation public reputation.
  • We believed that if agents want to have long term development and achievement in insurance industry,  the key belief are not only providing high sales production and high quality of servicing to get their income, but also need to recruit widely. From that, the agent can gain both active and passive income.